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Welcome to YanTech USA

YanTech LLC is devoted to bring you the best quality Vehicle LED Warning Light Bars, Wirelss Tow Lights, Strobe Lights, Rear View Backup Camera Systems and Auto Accessories at a wholesale price!


  • We are the leading high volume importer from the top international manufacturers, and many of our products will not be found elsewhere
  • We are a distributor of emergency vehicle lighting, including fire truck light bars, police lights, construction beacons, visor lights, LED lighting, strobe lightbars, wireless tow lights, LED deck and dash warning lights
  • We are the leading provider for after-market auto rear view backup system installers, car dealers, trucking and trailer companies, school bus services, US Army, Police and Emergency vehicles
  • We have been a market leader for almost 20 years by offering the highest quality products at low cost - we will match a verifiable price from competitors
  • We provide technical consultation, value-added and customized service upon request


YanTech is IP Infringement Insured with Trade Mark Registered



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