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Car Fatigue Warning Alarm Device Driving Alert Face Reading Anti Sleep/Distraction Monitor Through Sunglasses w/ Two Level Sensitivity Setting


Product Information

The system uses automotive-grade image sensors to capture infrared images of the operators and a Pentium II high-speed digital signal processor to analyze and identify if they have become inattentive, either due to drowsiness or distraction.This device is adopting facial reading and pupil detection technology to detect driver’s driving behavior and through an advance software algorithm and non-contact mode to understand the state of the drivers in real world conditions, including full sunshine and if the driver is wearing glasses or sunglasses and issue early warning when fatigue occurs to protect life and property.
Driver Fatigue Monitor Package w/ English Manual
Driver Fatigue Monitor Features

1. Provides early warning for driver fatigue and distraction
In addition to detecting driver fatigue and make an early warning and language reminder, drowsiness detection sensor can also make alarms to avoid accidents caused by distractions while driving: talking to passengers, bowing head, gazing around or spending considerable amount of time in operating audio and navigation systems.

2. Distinguishes real doze and fake sleep(such as sleep in opening eyes), effectively reducing false warning
The patented mesh membrane pupil detection technology will make sure that every fatigue driving can be detected and reported immediately even the driver still opens eyes during fatigue driving.

3. Excellent detection ability for glasses:can be used with glasses and sunglasses
Excellent detection ability for glasses. Driver can wear regular glasses or non-reflection light sunglasses, the drowsiness detection system MR688 can always make a correct analysis of the driver’s fatigue state.

4. Non-contact detection

5. Two levels sensitivity

1A: DIP1=OFF(pull down), for testing sensitivity( high sensitivity, for test use)
1B: DIP1 =ON (pull up), for normal sensitivity. It takes a little bitmore time to make alarming for driver’s drowsiness or looking around.

6. Different level of volume adjustment

7. Suits for all skins and all vehicles
The advanced face recognition technology system will identify any human face. It works with all types of skin colors: yellow, white or black. With the pupil detection technology, MR688 will make a warning of an impending accident caused by driver fatigue or distraction

8. Easy to be installed and used
MR688 has a small and compact size, which hardly influences the driver’s view of sight. It can be easily installed on dash board.

9. Works around all day, under any weather
The vehicle safety system MR688 works around all day and all weather. Whether in daytime or dark nights, rainy or snowy day, the system can always make a correct analysis of the driver’s fatigue state.

10.Wide voltage range
The power supply can operate from 9V to 36V wide voltage range, which is suitable for both 12V and 24V car batteries, and also has a good peak-voltage protection solution.

11.Very low power consumption
In the 12V car battery cases, the average electric current is less than 100mA, while for the 24V car battery, the average electric current is about 60mA, which is about the same level compared to battery’s self-leakage. Therefore there is almost no power consumption in this case.


Driver Fatigue Monitor Specifications
  • Operating Voltage: DC 12V/24V
  • Operating Voltage: 9V-32V
  • Working Current: 12V power, about 100mA; 24V power, about 60mA
  • Working Temperature: -10℃ ~ + 50℃
  • Storage Temperature: -45℃ ~ + 85℃
  • Detection Distance: 60-90cm

Applications and Use Cases


When the fatigue warning appears as mentioned above, the driver should pull over immediately to have a rest to avoid accident. If the driver continues to drive without any rest, the anti sleep alarm will remind the driver to have a rest with making the sharp and loud sound whenever necessary.


After the drowsiness detection system is connected to power supply for 2 seconds, the green light will flash for 1 second. The driver fatigue alarm system;is started. If it is at night, you will notice that there is some dark red lighting for the ultra-red LED. In the first 30 seconds, the system detects the driver's position and location and analyzes status. It does not make warnings at this stage. After the driver has been driving for more than 30 seconds, the drowsiness detection sensor will make warnings. However, once power is on, the system will indicate if the driver's eyes are open. If the green light is on, the driver's eyes are open. If the green light is off, it means that the driver closes eyes or driver is not in the detecting range. You can adjust the camera's position depending on if the green light is on or not.

If the driver wears the glasses with frame, in case the frame ward off driver’s eyes, the glasses should be pushed a little bit more up on the nose, or install the monitor at a lower position, we suggest to wear the glasses without the frame or with big lens. For people who wear a pair of deep color sunglasses, they can install the monitor at a closer position, we suggest drivers to wear non-reflection light sunglasses.
Driver Fatigue Monitor Video

Product Code: MR688B

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